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Sign Her Up! Hoops Starter Alisha Clayton Signs With Thomas University

A-Z with Alisha Clayton

Waverunner freshman Andrew Barton sits down with the senior to talk about life in 26 different ways. From A, to Z.

Year: 2017

Position: Forward

Jersey Number: 15


App you use most on your phone: Text  message


Besides basketball which sport would you want to play: Soccer


College that you will be attending: Thomas University


Dream job: To be a physician assistant in sports medicine


End of the world, what’s the last thing you do: I would tell everyone I love them and make sure everyone that didn’t like me, likes me!


Favorite memory at P.K Yonge: I would say watching the little girl showering in the water drain


Gift that you have always wanted but never had: A car!


High school in one word: Strange


Instagram or Snapchat: Instagram


Joker on the team: I would say Maya


Kit Kat or Snickers: Kit Kat for sure!


Languages that you know besides English: Spanish


Major that you are taking in college: Biology P.R


Nickname: Al


One person you could meet, who would it be: I would say Oprah, she is invested in a lot of things and I want to know her methods


Place that you would love to go: I want to go to Paris


Quote that always inspired you: when you fall, fall on your back, because if you can look up, you can stand up


Restaurant in Gainesville you go to the most: B.J’s and I also go to Texas Road House a lot


Sad or happy to be done with high school: Happy


Teacher that you can always count on: Ms. Heller, She is 10, 11, and 12th grade science teacher


Unique fact about you: I love to make other people happy


Vegetable you can not stand: Onions, I can eat them grilled but just in general they are gross


What will be going through your head as you sign your National Letter of Intent: Getting out of Gainesville, I’m leaving!


X-ray Vision or the ability to fly: Fly, for sure


Year you started basketball: 2012


Zombie Apocalypse, who is on your team: My team! And some family too.

Jerome Reed