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Kailya Jackson Leads Lady Wave in Victory Over Buchholz

Written By: Judah Carroll

It felt like there wasn’t a seat open in the P.K. Yonge gym on Thursday night as the Lady Wave won their first game of the regular season. It was a hard-fought, gritty game by both teams in a crazy environment created by both fan bases. Even with the Bobcats’ extremely loud cheerleaders, they were still no match for the Wave as P.K. got the W, 66-43.

Both teams just had an angry demeanor about them, playing rough defense, scrapping for the ball and throwing each other on the ground. Never seen so many bodies hit the floor that hard, that many times. Both teams will probably feel the effects in the morning. The score was only 14-7 at the end of the first quarter.

It looked like Buchholz was trying give the Lady Wave a taste of their own medicine, playing a high-energy, full-court defense which looked to be the main cause of P.K.’s bad start. Head coach Willie Powers didn’t think so.

“Well we just basically fouled too much in the first quarter,” Powers said. “We kept them on the line. If you look at halftime, half of their points were from the free-throw-line. So if we stop fouling, were probably gonna get some easy layups and stop relying on shooting trey balls.”

Whatever it was, coach figured it out.

After getting off to a slow start, the team started to heat up in the second quarter. The Wave scored 24 points, seven different players scored in the period and nine points came from senior guard Kailya Jackson as she caught fire like someone out of “NBA JAM”. This is when the Wave really started to separate. The girls went into the half up 38-24.

During the break, frustrated with his team getting out of place and in foul trouble, coach Powers told the girls, “we don’t need to reach. We’ve got them right where we want them, we don’t need to do it.”

The momentum of the second quarter carried over into the second half on both sides of the game. P.K. continued to grow their lead by draining threes and getting to the foul line.

The ‘Cats couldn’t gain any consistency on offense and could not take care of the ball, with the exception of Buchholz point guard Jaynese Perry who had a game-high of 17 points and was a problem for P.K.Y. all night. Even with her special night, the Wave held the Bobcats to just five points in the third quarter. The Blue Wave went into the fourth with a cushy 30-point lead.

The game was iced after two back-to-back threes by freshman guard Jaden Robinson and a good fourth quarter performance by the Teasley sisters, Jayda & Julie, getting their team the win.

Even after a blowout win and a game high of a ridiculous three and-ones, junior guard Jayda Teasley thought that the team could have played better.

“We didn’t play our best,” Teasley said. “We could have played better, we have played better but, it’s the first game and we're still learning.”

Her two-time state champion coach would agree.

“We gotta improve shooting and taking care of the basketball. We had 17 turnovers tonight and… we shouldn’t have.”

Don’t be too hard on yourselves, a win is a win!

Go Blue Wave!


Top Performer: Kailya Jackson - 13 points

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